Frequently asked questions

Where can I see one—or buy one?

While we continue to sign up our US dealer network, you can ask for your personal tour of our Minneapolis–St. Paul showroom, just call 952-777-3400 to arrange it!

What does the full camper cost?

Take advantage of our Winter 2019 special! $500 down and lock in your Spring 2019 delivery! Your base model Camp365 Cabin starts at $19,995, a savings of $3,454. MSRP starts at $23,449. If you’re interested in hearing more about this sale, please email us at or pick up the phone and call…we don’t’ bite. This offer expires on Jan 31st 2019.

Does Camp365 offer financing?

We work with lenders that offer competitive rates. And your payments range from just $175 to not more than $250 per month—less than some couples’ monthly coffee budgets!

What warranty is offered?

You get a one-year limited warranty plus an additional warranty on the marine grade top, torsion axle, flooring, tires, rims and other options.

Can it carry my favorite toys?

Absolutely. The Camp365 side mount rack system carries most off-the-shelf Thule, Yakima and other roof-top storage carriers. So pile on your kayaks, paddle boards and bikes. Stay tuned for the release of our rack system for canoes, small boats, scooters and motocross bikes.

What vehicles can pull one, and what hitch rating is required?

You can haul your cabin on wheels with almost any four-cylinder vehicle equipped with a Class 1 hitch—even a Toyota Prius, Subaru or Mini Cooper—and with many ATVs and most UTVs rated for towing 1500 pounds.

How easy is Camp365 to tow?

Camp365 camper has been engineered with a low center of gravity, aerodynamic design for slip streaming and remarkable fuel economy with all towing vehicles.

How long does it take to set up & level out?

Most people can easily do it in less than 10 minutes! It’s “lift-assisted.” If you can push a vacuum cleaner, you can level out your Camp365 cabin.

Are any special tools needed to set it up?

No, just your hands. You don’t even need wood blocks.

How spacious is a Camp365 cabin when it is open?

It’s 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep, with over 7 feet of head room. So that’s a spacious 700 cubic square feet.

Camp365 stand ups to anything that weather might bring. How so?

We use no wood, canvas or rip stop nylon. So that means no mildew or rot. Your fold-out cabin on wheels stays “forever young.”

For what temperature ranges is it suitable?

Alaskan winters to Florida summers—seriously—thanks to its zip-in insulation, heating, and cooling.

What do I need to clean the exterior and interior?

For your exterior, just water and a microfiber cloth. Inside, you also can use a mild soap for deeper cleaning and a vacuum if you choose carpet.

If a tire goes flat, how do I fix it?

Camp365 comes with a built-in jack, and its leveling system makes that tire switch easy.

Can I store one in a standard garage?

Easily—in a standard garage stall or even in a small storage shed.

What activities are best suited for a Camp365 camper?

Every day of the year (hence Camp365) active and adventure fun: Thrill-seeking adventures, football tailgating, winter ice fishing, mountain climbing base camping, weekend hunting, back country glamping, and off-the-grid camping.

Can I cook inside my Camp365 cabin?

Just slide out the cook top stove and cook a quick meal inside your cabin at the table. If you want to cook outside, the stove easily removes and sets up outside your cabin. (And don’t forget to grab a drink from the refrigerator!)

Can my Camp365 cabin come with a bathroom & shower?

Your glamping-approved, indoor toilet area quickly pulls out and tucks away when not in use. Camp365 offers an optional outdoor shower room.

Do I have enough charging ports for all my electronics?

Camp365 comes with multiple charging ports USB, 12V & 120 AC.

Does it have water and a sink?

You can have both Hot and Cold water with our Electric/Propane Truma CombiHeat and our Sink/Stove combination.