World’s first Fold-Out cabin

A Guided Tour


Adjustable Wheel Base

Patented—And Ingenious—Adjustable Wheel Base

In just seconds and with a standard crank, you can expand or contract your wheelbase. Crank down to just four feet wide for storage and narrow trails, or to minimize your drag coefficient for maximum fuel efficiency. Or, for maximum stability on or off road, crank the wheelbase out to a full 72 inches wide.

Add Living space

Double Your Living Space!

Start with our optional, waterproof Aqualon sun visor/awning. (1) To turn it into a screened porch, you can attach to it (by easily zipping on) our wrap around screen material. (2) To turn it into a three-season porch, you can zip on the Aqualon marine grade siding with screen windows. (3) Or to transform it into a four-season porch, you can zip on a heavily-insulated, waterproof material.

All three side rooms—screened, standard, and insulated—fold into the standard compact carrying case that you can store easily into the Camp365 rear storage.

The Cabin That Skis

Skis that easily mount on your wheels can take you through snow and over ice. This is the ultimate mobile ice fishing camper with heated and insulated four season room that keeps you warm while you fish.

Side Awnings

Twin side awnings provide shade for food and drink preparation. Need a weekend away from the kids? Or perhaps get together with old roommates for an outdoor concert? Camp365 will be your mobile cabin for all your weekend adventures.

Off road

Off Road Kit

For your more rugged off-road adventures, our optional 14” off-road wheels, rims, and extra-wide fenders give you another 5″ clearance over the roughest terrain.

Camp Where You Hunt Or Fish

Because of Camp365’s light weight, patented adjustable wheel base and easy leveling system, set up is easy even on sand, mud, and rock. You can take it into your hardest-to-reach favorite hunting & fishing spots. And start your adventure right outside your front door.

Pull With A ATV or UTV

So light and aerodynamic you can even haul it with your ATV or UTV.


Zamp Solar Kit

Your Camp365 cabin comes standard with a plug-in for solar that lets you recharge your battery while you play. The 90-Watt, fold-out solar panel comes complete with a case and easily stores in the front storage compartment. Just plug-in and live off the grid!


Cost Saving (And Convenient Saving) Storage

Why pay over $1,200 a year, or more, for away-from-home storage? And why have to go pick up your vehicle when you can keep it at home? Folded-in, your Camp365 camper fits easily in any standard garage or storage shed.


Easier-To-Load Side “Toy” Racks

You can bring along your favorite toys—paddle boards, bikes, canoes, kayaks and storage carrier—and easily fit them on the side of your Camp365. (No more military presses to rack them on top of a vehicle!).

All-Size, Adjustable Propane Mounts

You can easily move your propane tanks around your cabin, with these mounts that adjust to hold virtually every size propane tank.